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Building Engineers in K-5 Classrooms

Bringing engineering and design skills into daily instruction allows ALL students to be leaders in the classroom.  Through this work, students from ALL backgrounds are able to envision themselves in STEM careers.
If we are to truly build toward the modern graduate that is able to collaborate with others to flexibly solve problems, we must start in kindergarten.  The Building Engineers in K-5 Classrooms initiative seeks to do exactly that across the state of North Carolina.​
Calling all STEM Teachers!

Do you teach STEM as a special/elective class in your elementary school (eg Art/Music/PE/STEM)?  Interested in connecting with others like you across the state?  

We are seeking out elementary STEM teachers across the state in an effort to begin connecting more deeply, sharing resources and ideas, and gathering best practices so that other schools and school districts can envision how this type of position can positively impact ALL students!

Annual Conference

The conference on Friday, April 26th, was a huge hit!.  It consisted of inspiring keynote addresses, incredibly engaging workshop sessions, hands-on opportunities with a wide variety of robotics and engineering materials, and the chance to collaborate directly with like-minded educators across North Carolina!  


The annual conference will offer you ideas and strategies to immediately integrate design thinking, robotics and programming in your classroom.  


New Self-Paced Course!

We are so excited to share a new self-paced PD course entitled

K-5 Engineering Design Process: Getting Started

This course is housed within NCDPI's Canvas framework and is therefore available to all NC Educators through their NCEdCloud account.

The self-paced course is meant for teachers across North Carolina to learn more about the engineering design process not just by reading about/watching it but also actually trying it with their own students! Click below to get started:


Thanks for submitting!


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