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Thanks to all who came out to the conference- it was a huge success!

Event Included:

  • FREE Registration - made possible through a partnership between NCDPI and the SERVE Center as well as exhibiting sponsors   

  • 30+ hands-on sessions led by the best STEM-minded K-5 educators across North Carolina

  • NEW this year:  Student Showcase opportunity- come learn directly from students doing inspiring STEM work in their elementary classrooms

  • Inspiring Keynote and Opening- Keynote = Dr. Laura Bottomley and Lunch keynote provided by Rolanda Baldwin

  • FREE Breakfast , Lunch, and Snacks!

  • Ability to connect with like-minded, passionate STEM educators across North Carolina!


What Past Attendees Are Saying

"Many of the engineering activities I learned about today can be quickly and easily implemented into my current classroom practices. It gave me better ideas of how to integrate STEM, especially the robotics portion, into lesson across the standards. "

"I have a better understanding of the STEM/Creative Process and how to fit it into my daily schedule."

"What I found the most useful from the experience is seeing how the entire school system is using the engineering framework to guide hand's on instruction."

"We will be taking back the planning and logistical information to use during our strategic planning session. "

"Loved it!"

You have done a terrific job with this event and I appreciated all the effort that was put into making it possible! Thank you."


"LOVED THE PD and can't wait for next year!"

"I will use the experience from attending the conference to make goals for next year and how I can incorporate STEM at a different level next year with my students other than the basics of technology only."

"I have a better understanding of how to use some of the technology at my school and will be able to incorporate it more in my classroom"

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