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Lunch Keynote Speaker:
Rolanda Baldwin
Vice President of Mathematics, UnboundEd
Keynote Title:  Eliminating the Black Unicorn

Rolanda Baldwin_2.jpeg

With two decades of experience, Rolanda has worn many hats throughout her journey. She's been a middle and high school math teacher, a math instructional coach, and a district math curriculum coordinator in Guilford County Schools. Rolanda's love for mathematics education led her to join UnboundEd as a math specialist, where she rose to the role of Math Director. Today, she proudly serves as the Vice President of Mathematics, where she's responsible for overseeing the growth and development of UnboundEd's entire math, science, and UnboundEd Planning Process (UPP) program portfolio.

Rolanda’s thoughtful approach to program development and active involvement in strategic organizational initiatives and external partnerships is a testament to her sincere commitment to her craft. Her enthusiasm for mathematics education is infectious, and she's dedicated to empowering every individual to become a "math person." Rolanda is passionate about reshaping educational systems and frameworks to help educators plan and deliver grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful STEM instruction.

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